Professional Handyman Services

For more than 10 years, we've been providing homes and businesses throughout London with quality craftsmanship across all of their repair, maintenance and remodeling projects — both large and small — inside and outside.

We work with offices, retail businesses, restaurants and property management companies as their one-stop repair and maintenance solution for build-outs, repairs, ongoing maintenance or simply as a supplement to their own maintenance crews for time-sensitive projects that need to get done quickly.

Whatever you need — for your home or business — large or small — we can get it done efficiently, professionally and at a price you can afford!

Please note:
1. All rates exclude the cost of materials.
2. Prices are for labour only including all necessary tools.
3. Materials supplied by LiNioR will be charged at cost plus 20% plus time required for getting the materials.
4. There is a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs.
5. Evening and weekend rates may vary.
6. Parking, rubbish disposal  and Congestion charge are extra where applicable.